Measurement of loudspeaker parameters: A pedagogical approach

  Antonin Novak

Traditional way of measuring an electrodynamic loudspeaker consists of adjusting the loudspeaker model parameters to get a best fit with the measured signals. The method proposed during the ICA 2019 conference, for which a Python code is provided below, is based on a very simple idea that permits to first estimate the force factor without any model assumption and to separate the electrical and mechanical impedance in an intuitive way. Consequently, both impedances can be studied separately to highlight the importance of using models incorporating eddy currents on electrical side and creep effect on the mechanical side.

[Novak (2019)] Novak, A. (2019). Measurement of loudspeaker parameters: A pedagogical approach. ICA 2019 conference, to be presented (under review, sumbitted 30/04/2019)

Download the jupyter notebook: Loudsepaker_advanced_parameters.ipynb