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Antonin Novak

Nonlinear System Identification using Synchronized Swept-Sine Method

(The whole python code can be downloaded here:

Published in: A. Novak, L. Simon, F. Kadlec & P. Lotton (2010), "Nonlinear system identification using exponential swept-sine signal", Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on. Vol. 59(8), pp. 2220-2229. (download)

The following PYTHON code is a tool for the identification of a nonlinear system using Synchronized Swept Sine method.

The method is based on the estimation of the Higher Harmonic Frequency Responses (HHFRFs) of distorted signal "y(t)". The nonlinear system under test is then modelled by non-parametric generalized Hammerstein model made up of power series associated with linear filters as depicted in the following Figure.


The whole python code can be downloaded here:

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